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Music Festival Encore

Join us for an encore to the Festival

Myriad.Town will launch exclusively in the metaverse as a musical festival on 5th September 2022.

Welcome to the Metaverse Musical Festival. This event is to commemorate the launch of Myriad.Town, a metaverse built by RealityChain for Myriad.Social. This event will showcase a myriad of muscial performances for the Myriad.Social community, friends and partner communities.Sign up now to get freebies for being an early participant.

The event will feature open mic jams and performances by MARTIALS/, TKP, DJ Vandal and Netuno.It will also feature up-and-coming artists, NFT art galleries and scavenger hunt.

The festival will feature a wide variety of music. Visitors can travel between virtual stages and dive into a different aural experiences all in one place.

What's In Store For You

Join us for our launch party and be among the pioneers who will be getting exclusive NFTs and an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive NFT Land Drops

Join the launch party to get exclusive land drops. This will be an official genesis event where the land drops will be made for the first time ever.

Limited Edition Avatar NFTs

We will be giving out limited edition event NFTs that you can use with your avatar. Join the launch party and pick up your exclusive avatar accesories.

Custom NFTs Design Bounty

We will be having an NFT design contest. Winners of the contest will be announced on the launch of Myriad.Town.Learn more here.

A Metaverse Treasure Hunt!

We will also be having a metaversal treasure hunt leading up to the launch of Myriad.Town.Check out our socials to find out more about this event.

Sign Up For Exclusive NFTs and Other Rewards

Join us for the Myriad.Town Launch Party.5th September 2022 - 12PM UTCProvide your details and your polkadot.js or NEAR address and be in the running to win rewards and airdrops

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Thank you!

You will receive an email from us with a scheduler in the coming weeks.We will also be confirming your wallet address for the NFT drops.See you in Myriad.Town!